RUST-EZE1-256-reduction-wBG-01I had to move the RuST Server to another Game Server Provider since HFB will not be allowed to use Oxide any longer, so I went with FPSPlayers, please note that I WAS able to transfer everything from the old server to new server so no one should be missing anything, if for some odd reason you are missing something please feel free to add me on Steam @b3ckpwnzu and we can figure it out from there.


The new IP is: but you can use the old addresses from before just with port 28105 for example;

net.connect r.b3ck.com:28105

net.connect rust.b3ck.com:28105

net.connect rusty.b3ck.com:28105

This new server also comes with a free 10 Person TeamSpeak 3 Server, you can connect to the server directly if you have TS3 already installed by clicking HERE or use this address:


Don’t forget to Vote for our server:

and for a very cool interactive map of RuST checkout:


RuST Server Update!

RUST-EZE1-256-reduction-wBG-01My Server wasn’t updating properly on my last hosting provider so I had to find another one, please check out the original RuST Server post below for the changes, since I couldn’t transfer files to my new host everyone has to start out fresh, I’m truly sorry about this.





The biggest change is the port, which is now 28025.

I’ve also added a few more addresses to connect to the server @ below;


net.connect r.b3ck.com:28025

net.connect rust.b3ck.com:28025

net.connect rusty.b3ck.com:28025


All of these addresses will connect you to the new server.



rusty_blogpostI’ve been searching online for a place where people could really help out on the development of the game RuST rather than the Facepunch forums, after awhile I found this site;



Just check it out and vote for things you think will make the game better!









Server Info:
500 Slot Server
Full Server Name: [US]RuST-EZE[24/7|PVP|SLPRS|Ad2]
Server Hostname / IP: rusty.b3ck.com:28025 /
Server Location: Chicago, IL USA
PvP: On
Sleepers: On
Airdrops: Start when 2 players are on the server at once.
Day/Night Timescale: Slower Days/Nights, each cycle should last about 1 hour in real-time.
Crafting Timescale:  Crafting should take 1/4 of the time.

To join the server directly, you will want to launch the game and press F1 to open the console, then type the following:

net.connect rusty.b3ck.com:28025

This is a PUBLIC server all are welcome!
This means you can also find it under the Modded Server List,
just look for [US]RuST-EZE[24/7|PVP|SLPRS|Ad2] and Double-Click on it to join!

I also have a link to a very cool map to help you in-game here.

Voice Servers:
Mumble server @ m.b3ck.com:64738


Steam Connect URL test: steam://connect/rusty.b3ck.com:28025


 Just a quick update for all those people out there that are still playing on my server.. the server is now updated to 1.7.2!!

Enjoy! -b3ck


So many updates with Minecraft it’s hard to keep up with the plugins and bukkit releases.. anyways I have a Minecraft Bukkit 1.5.2 Server online, it’s a simple survival server with minimal plugins, the spawn is protected for about 300 blocks.. so please venture out to build, mine etc..

Enjoy! -b3ck


 So with my intent of playing DayZ I also started playing ArmA 2 which is the source game and DayZ is just a MOD on top of ArmA 2.

I have enjoyed playing ArmA 2 so much I created a Public Server for it @ b3ck.com:2302 so please feel free to join it.


But please read the RULES before joining the server.  That’s it for now.. see ya next time!



The War Z

Been playing a lot of ‘The War Z’ lately.. made a Mumble server and added it to the current games I’m playing, join me @ m.b3ck.com with your Mumble client.

I’m always looking for people to play The War Z with.. so let me know if you’d like to play.



Decided to run a dedicated server for Moonbase Alpha which is a free game on steam, if you want to join you need the password which is the middle name of James Kirk from Star Trek.

Good Luck,


EDIT: I guess you could call me a game jumper.. I don’t stay on any one game at a time.. so for now.. I’m done with Moonbase Alpha.. server has been taken down until further notice.. Minecraft is still online =)


Since the new release of Minecraft 1.4 things have been a little on the bumpy side, not all the plugins were working, the server would crash.. so for now I have a Vanilla Minecraft 1.4.5 Server running on ‘mc.b3ck.com’.

I recently received an e-mail about a game I totally forgot about.. so 1 year 6 months and 13 days later I get an early-access beta invite to a game called ‘SpyParty’.. to my surprise I instantly remembered why I signed up for the beta soo many days ago.. after playing the game for a few days now.. all I gotta say is wow.. this game has got it.. finally a game that takes brains to win. Yea there is an occasional lucky shot, but they are slim to none, in this game you HAVE to pay attention when you are the sniper, and when you are the spy.. just don’t get caught.

I have updated my stream on twitch to reflect my new interest in the game ‘SpyParty’ as you can see below:

I like the game a lot and am currently streaming most of my game play.. as I am not the best player don’t expect to learn anything from me.. if that is what you are looking for.. instead just watch me have some fun.. or listen to me burp a million times while streaming =)

Adios for now,

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